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New Paintings On Exhibit at the NMAI in 2006

The National Museum of American Illustration announces that new paintings will be on exhibit at the Museum during its 2006 summer season. “We have re-hung the introductory exhibit in the Treillage Loggia to better illustrate how the teachings of Howard Pyle, known as ‘the father of American illustration’ influenced his students,” says Director and Co- Founder, Judy Goffman Cutler. “To this end we are now displaying a more extensive range of works by his students, including Stanley Arthurs, Harvey Dunn, NC Wyeth, Gayle Porter Hoskins, Frank Schoonover and Philip R. Goodwin. These selections also show examples from different mass media: illustration examples from a book, a magazine, an advertisement, a calendar, a short story, and a cover are displayed.”

Image left: HARVEY DUNN "THE PRISONERS" 1914, published as an Elgin Watch Advertisement


MAROONED by HOWARD PYLE, 1887, published September 1887 by Harper’s New Monthly

The group of artists now collectively known as the “Brandywine School” were predominantly students of Howard Pyle. Pyle was the first to teach illustration as a discipline separate from fine art. In so doing, he felt that “...art is, or should be, the effort to represent nature as we know it.” (Harper’s Weekly, July 17, 1897) He asked that students try “putting oneself in the picture”, to train themselves to imagine every detail of a scene as if they were actually viewing it.” An excellent example of Pyle’s own work is on view in the Grand Salon: MAROONED by HOWARD PYLE (1853-1911). Published by Harper’s New Monthly in September 1887 for the story “Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main”, this oil painting is newly acquired and is now on view for the 2006 season.

“We are particularly excited about the acquisition of this piece because it was Pyle’s first pirate painting, a subject matter that he subsequently expanded on and became known for. We were also able to acquire the wood engraving block that was used to reproduce this painting for the periodical, and we display this as well, to illustrate early printing methods,” explains Cutler.


Also on view this season is an Edison Mazda advertisement by NC Wyeth. This provides a comparison with the Edison Mazda calendar artwork by Maxfield Parrish currently on display in the library, whereby the visitor can consider how two different artists approached similar subject material.

CARVERS OF THE SPHINX BY NC WYETH 1926, Edison Mazda calendar advertisement, 1935

The Museum is open for guided tours by advance reservation, Mondays through Fridays, May 30-November 3. Groups tours are welcome by reservation year-round. Tickets $25: Seniors 60+ and military w/id, $22, Children 12 & under not admitted. For more information telephone 401-851-8949 ext. 18 or www.americanillustration.org

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The National Museum of American Illustration is a nonprofit independent, educational, and aesthetic organization. It is located in Newport, RI on Bellevue Avenue at Vernon Court (1898), a Beaux-Arts adaptation of an 18th century French chateau. It is the first national museum devoted exclusively to American illustration art. Illustration consists of original artwork created to be reproduced in books, magazines, newspapers and advertisements. ‘Golden Age’ paintings by such luminaries as Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, NC Wyeth, and 75 others are displayed in ‘Gilded Age’ architecture, creating a unique union of art and architecture- a national treasure. The Museum is administered by the American Civilization Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the goal to present the best possible venue for appreciating the greatest collection of illustration art; the most American of American art.

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