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Museum Announces Gifts, Acquisitions, in 2005

The National Museum of American Illustration announces the receipt of several significant gifts during the fiscal year 2005. Among the gifts of artwork received was a collection of works by the illustrator James R. Shaver, original illustration artwork by H. Charles McBarron, original illustration artwork by Michael Dolas, a collection of 150 original greeting card illustrations, and a vintage Edison Mazda light bulb. Items newly acquired by the Museum include a stunning Tiffany Studios table lamp, titled "TURNING ACORN", and two bronze sculptures by John Rogers. Additionally, on loan to the Museum for the 2006 season is Norman Rockwell's painting for the Saturday Evening Post, "CHOIRBOY COMBING HAIR FOR EASTER" (1956).


the patriot

The illustrator James R. Shaver (1867-1949) was active primarily from 1910-1925 in New York, working for many publishers including Life magazine, Century magazine, American Red Cross Magazine, and The New York Times, among others. During his career much of his work reflected his deep concern with societal issues such as child welfare, women’s rights and suffrage, poverty, justice and racial equality. His vignettes were full of humor, wit and compassion, and were revered by the public, so much so that in 1913, The Century Co. published a compilation of his work in a book titled "Little Shavers- sketches from real life". The Museum is honored to be chosen as the recipient of a gift of 30 pen and ink drawings and 4 gouache paintings by Shaver. This generous gift is made by Herbert and Tonia Hughes, relatives of the artist and representatives of his estate.

THE PATRIOT by James R. Shaver will be on display during our Sixth Anniversary Celebration, during which we will feature a special selection of patriotic images not typically on display.


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Also gifted in 2005 was an illustration by the artist H. Charles McBarron (American, early 20th Century). This piece depicts a couple disembarking from a carriage, and as such is atypical for the artist, who was primarily known for his military subject matter. This kind gift was made in memory Don W. Norton, Sr., of Chicago. ELIJAH, from the Prophet Series, is another exemplary gift received at the Museum this year. This work is by Michael Dolas, an award-winning Saturday Evening Post cover artist, inventor, collector and sculptor, who is also a member of the Museum’s National Advisory Board.

Additional gifts received include a collection of 150 greeting card illustrations, from the years 1969-1980, primarily for the publisher Norcross, and a vintage Edison Mazda light bulb, which relates to the Museum’s collection of illustrations by Maxfield Parrish for the Edison Mazda Co. during the 1920’s and 1930’s. These two gifts are examples of how illustration art, in reflecting popular trends and styles, can become art as historical evidence.

Please consider a gift to the NMAI. Contact Molly Dickinson at 401- 851-8949 x 18, or email mdickinson@americanillustration.org. The NMAI is administered by the American Civilization Foundation, a non- profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

MAXFIELD PARRISH (1870-1966) VENETIAN LAMPLIGHTERS, published as a General Electric Mazda Lamps Calendar, and a vintage GE Mazda lamp, circa 1920, gift of Peter Ritchie.


“As in years past, we wish to thank all our donors for their generosity and support,” says Molly Dickinson, Director of Institutional Development. “Gifts such as these help further the Museum’s mission on several levels; both as an archive of American illustration art, and as a vehicle through which illustration art and its historical significance is presented to the public.”

The Museum is open May 30th through November 3rd, Mondays through Fridays, for tours daily by reservation only. We welcome groups year-round by advance arrangement. Please visit our website at www.americanillustration.org for more information, or telephone 401-851-8949 ext. 18.

NORCROSS Co. greeting card artwork, circa 1970, gift of Dr. & Mrs. Hans DeBartolo

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