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TruChrome™ Limited Editions
A Series of fine art prints of unprecedented quality produced in direct collaboration with the NMAI
The National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI), in collaboration with HarvestJ.C. Leyendecker cover for the <I>Post</I> 1926, New Year;s Baby Productions and Quinn Publishing, is pleased to announce the release of the American Classic Art Collection, a series of limited edition fine art prints, exclusively using images from the Archives of the NMAI.  As publisher, Quinn Publishing has joined together Harvest Productions, noted high-technology printer, with the NMAI to form a team dedicated to creating the finest grade art prints extant. After nearly two years of testing and prototyping, Quinn Publishing and its illustrious team has selected a digital manufacturing process and material components that far exceed the global standard for the replication of art images. The outcome of this remarkable collaborative effort is a new level of fine art reproduction, known as a TruChrome™ fine art print - a unique, trademarked process, heralded in the art world as the latest milestone since Gicleé, Iris, silk screening, and lithography.

The public launching,unveiling of these prints will be at ArtExpo  at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, from February 28 to March 3, 2008.  A limited number of VIP tickets are being made available free of charge to subscribers of the NMAI MuseNews who wish to join us at ArtExpo. Those wishing to receive tickets should immediately contact the NMAI at (401) 851-8949, extension 18.

The artists whose works are featured in the American Classic Art Collection series include: Norman Rockwell, J.C. Leyendecker, and Maxfield Parrish -  among the most notable masters in the NMAI's American Imagist Collection.

above right: TruChrome™ featuring J.C. Leyendecker's Couple Dancing (1930).

J.C. Leyendecker cover for the <I>Post</I> 1926, New Year;s BabyFor every TruChrome™ print, a ph neutral polyester and cotton blended fabric with a patented cross-linked gelatin ink receptor is selected, upon which large-molecule pigmented, aqueous inks are applied. Both the canvas and custom-colored inks are  fabricated in Harvest Production's wholly-owned laboratories and related manufacturing facilities. After printing, highly trained technical artists hand apply specific embellishments for further detail, texture, and accuracy, depending on the artwork itself. Lastly, the TruChrome™ prints are coated with a non-yellowing ultra-violet light blocker, specifically designed to not crack over time. Consequently, TruChrome™ longevity is estimated at over 200 years. It's accuracy is indisputable, and arguably the best replication of original art works ever created. Finally a watermark is printed on the canvas face only visible by blacklight.

 above: Arnold Quinn (right) of Quinn Publishing and John Doe (left) of Harvest Productions, working together under the auspices and direction of the NMAI Co-Founders, Judy and Laurence Cutler, to introduce TruChrome™ technology.

Each TruChrome™ fine art print is accompanied by an official Certificate of Authenticity bearing the imprimatur of the National Museum of American Illustration and Quinn Publishing, with appropriate signatories verifying the accuracy of the replication, and numbered accordingly as one of an edition of 475. The American Classic Art Collection Museum Series of limted edition fine art prints is being offered  by the NMAI in our Museum Shop and soon to be available online at or by telephonic order.

J.C. Leyendecker cover for the <I>Post</I> 1926, New Year;s Baby           J.C. Leyendecker cover for the <I>Post</I> 1926, New Year;s Baby
above (left to right): TruChrome™s featuring Norman Rockwell's Miss Liberty (1943) and Maxfield Parrish's Enchanted Prince (1934).

These TruChrome™ fine art limited edition prints represent the highest quality standard available. The notion of the NMAI in releasing them is to create the most accurate and authentic reproductions of the original artworks ever made. No effort has been spared in achieving this aim. The incredibly high standard of quality and accuracy in their manufacture, combined with their exclusivity as the only such limited edition fine art prints authorized by the National Museum of American Illustration, makes them truly unique and coveted by collectors worldwide.

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