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Share your love for illustration art with friends and family with unique products only available in our MuseShop and Online including, handmade jewelry, unique fountain and roller ball pens, walking sticks, Italian silk art neckties, postcards, greeting cards, limited and open edition prints, stained glass firescreens and lamps, desk and other accessories, and a wide array of other great gift ideas.

To place an order, use our online shopping cart or call: 401.851.8949 x18

A whole range of unique Norman Rockwell products—vintage, rare and hard to find elsewhere—have recently arrived in our MuseShop and are available for purchase.

To Place an Order, Use Our Online Shopping Cart or Call:
401.851.8949 x18

Vernon CourtWelcome to our MuseShop Online, offering a unique range of products all of which have been inspired by illustration art and the American Imagists. From open and limited edition fine art prints to Meyda Tiffany lamps, rare out of print books, original illustrations and everything in-between. Take home a memory of our Museum, by collecting art books, posters, calendars, cards, art prints, puzzles, wall sconces, fireplace screens and more, most of which are derived from art images taken from our American Imagist Collection.

All MuseShop proceeds benefit our non-profit organization, the American Civilization Foundation, and help support both our Endowment and Facilities Restoration Funds.

Vernon Court


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